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The Yellow Emperor’s Cure By Kunal Basu Free EBook Epub,Pdf, Mobi Download

Publisher: Picador India (30 June 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9382616160
ISBN-13: 978-9382616160
Pages : ?
Description  :

The Yellow Emperor’s Cure By Kunal Basu Free EBook Epub,Pdf, Mobi Download

The Yellow Emperors Cure Lisbon, 1898: Antonio Maria, surgeon and notorious playboy, returns home after a long absence to learn that his beloved father has syphilis, the scourge of both rich and poor. Determined to find a cure, Antonio sets sail for Peking, to study under the renowned Dr Xu. But the Chinese master does not intend to give away his knowledge easily, insisting that Antonio spend four full seasons in the Summer Palace. While learning the Chinese secrets of the human body, Antonio falls in love with Xus assistant, the exclusive Fumi. The threat of the Boxer rebellion hangs over Peking, and Antonio and Fumi must decide whether to flee together or remain in China, testing the limits of their love and faith in the human power to cure the dreaded pox. About the Author: Kunal Basu Kunal Basu was born in Kolkata in 1956. He graduated from Jadavpur University and after his MS and PhD he went on to teach at McGill University in Canada with a brief stint at IIM, Calcutta. He has been teaching at Sa?d Business School, University of Oxford since 1999. Kunal Basu is the author of three acclaimed novels, The Opium Clerk, The Miniaturist, and Racists; The Japanese Wife, a collection of best-selling short stories which was also made into a film by celebrated film-maker Aparna Sen and many screen plays and poetry. He lives in Oxford and is married, with one daughter. Reviews A wonderful and compellingly visual novel, whose world is as completely realised as anything by Robert Graves, Amitav Ghosh or Barry Unsworth – William Dalrymple Each time Kunal Basu uncorks his magicians bottle of historical memory and desire, he brings forth a genie of such ambitious powers that the reader is left overwhelmed … – Geeta Doctor in India Today A love story set on a lavish scale, Basus novel is a visual delight and a gripping read.

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