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Antennas 2nd Edition by john Kraus Free EBook Epub,Pdf, Mobi Download

Author(s):john Kraus
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies; 2 Sub ed
Date: March 1, 1988
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN10: 0070354227
Pages: 892
ISBN13: 978-0385343831

Description  :

Antennas 2nd Edition by john Kraus Free EBook Epub,Pdf, Mobi Download

This text is for the course on antennas offered to the senior/graduate level by most electrical engineering departments. It will also appeal to practicing engineers working on antenna development. The text explains both the basic theory of antennas and its application to practical designs. It provides comprehensive coverage and is replete with interesting worked examples and challenging problem sets. The revision represents a thorough updating of material and now includes BASIC programs which ca

Table of contents

Ch. 1 Introduction 1
Ch. 2 Antenna Basics 11
Ch. 3 The Antenna Family 57
Ch. 4 Point Sources 72
Ch. 5 Arrays of Point Sources, Part I 90
Ch. 5 Arrays of Point Sources, Part II 126
Ch. 6 The Electric Dipole and Thin Linear Antennas 165
Ch. 7 The Loop Antenna 197
Ch. 8 End-Fire Antennas: The Helical Beam Antenna and the Yagi-Uda Array, Part I 222
Ch. 8 The Helical Antenna: Axial and Other Modes, Part II 250
Ch. 9 Slot, Patch and Horn Antennas 304
Ch. 10 Flat Sheet, Corner and Parabolic Reflector Antennas 347
Ch. 11 Broadband and Frequency-Independent Antennas 378
Ch. 12 Antenna Temperature, Remote Sensing and Radar Cross Section 401
Ch. 13 Self and Mutual Impedances 438
Ch. 14 The Cylindrical Antenna and the Moment Method (MM) 461
Ch. 15 The Fourier Transform Relation between Aperture Distribution and Far-Field Pattern 501
Ch. 16 Arrays of Dipoles and of Apertures 529
Ch. 17 Lens Antennas 607
Ch. 18 Frequency-Selective Surfaces and Periodic Structures 636
Ch. 19 Practical Design Considerations of Large Aperture Antennas 660
Ch. 20 Some Examples of Large or Unique Antennas 691
Ch. 21 Antennas for Special Applications 708
Ch. 22 Terahertz Antennas 796
Ch. 23 Baluns, etc 803
Ch. 24 Antenna Measurements 827
App. A: Tables for References 888
App. B: Books, Tapes and Articles 896
App. C Computer Programs (Codes) 904
App. D Absorbing Materials 909
App. E Measurement Error 914
App. F: Answers to Starred Problems 915

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