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Safari English Magazine June-2011 Issue no.40 Free Safari Gujarati Epub, Pdf, Mobi Magazine Download

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Main Topic of Safari English Magazine June-2011 Issue no.40 Free Safari Gujarati Epub, Pdf,  Mobi Magazine Download

* 26 years on, India’s war bird ‘Tejas’ finally takes off

  Named Tejas (English meaning radiant) by the former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, this indigenous, multi-role, supersonic LCA/light combat aircraft

* Telepathy: Fact or fallacy? Can thoughts really be transferred through extrasensory means?

  An old question has recently come to light in a new way; the research for which has been done by scientists and those who have opposed this research are also scientists.

 * Colossal squid: The monster of folklore finally emerges from the ocean

  The scientific study of the animal kingdom is called zoology, but do you know what cryptozoology means? The Greek word kryptos means ‘hidden’

* Rainbow Bridge: A sandstone bridge created by the river over itself

  Through this short article, let us acquaint ourselves with one of the natural wonders of the world, which unlike the human creation

* FactFinder

  Questions & Answers

* Superquiz: Natural Wonders of the world

  The first list of the seven wonders of the ancient world was prepared by Greece’s Antipater in 140 B.C. Recently the project of updating the list of the seven wonders

* All About – Digital Camera

  The first digital camera was made by the Japanese electronics giant Sony Corporation in the decade of 1980s, and was named MAVICA (from the acronym of MAgnetic VIdeo Camera).

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