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Safari English Magazine May-2011 Issue no.39 Free Safari Gujarati Epub, Pdf, Mobi Magazine Download

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Main Topic of Safari English Magazine May-2011 Issue no.39 Free Safari Gujarati  PDF, Epub, Mobi Magazine Download

* Flying cars: Not just science fiction anymore

The date is March 5, 2009, the time 7:40 a.m. and the place is a privately owned aerodrome called Plattsburg on the outskirts of New York, America.

*Bar Code: What is there behind the bars?

Thundering cannons herald the outbreak of wars and inflaming speeches herald political revolutions but scientific and technological revolutions usually come quietly without any fanfare.

*Spies in the sky: The unmanned micro-airplanes of the US Air Force

Although the article is about minuscule model airplanes, let’s first discuss about the world’s smallest car made by Toyota in 1996. The car was just as big (or as small) as a grain of rice!

*Sloth: The amazing creature that lives up to its name

Hunt or be hunted; survival of the fittest; survival of the fastest—all these unwritten laws of Nature apply to almost all the creatures on planet Earth.

*An eye for an eye: When elephants attack humans out of revenge

Visualize a scene happening in front of you, which unfortunately is not imaginary but real. On August 27 2010, a passenger train is passing through the Gulma jungles situated in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.


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*A fruit cocktail superquiz

The theme of the superquiz this time is ‘fruits’. What else could be a better theme than fruits when it’s ‘raining’ mangoes in the fruit markets throughout India.


Ruth Pavelko, a 55 years old patient, was undergoing specialised treatment at the New York Medical College and National Institute of Health hospital in U.S.A. during April, 2001.

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