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Safari Gujarati Magazine June-2011 Issue no-205 Free Safari Gujarati Epub, Pdf, Mobi Magazine Download

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Main Topic of  Safari Gujarati Magazine June-2011 Issue no-205 Free Safari Gujarati Epub, Pdf, Mobi Magazine Download

* A copy of the counterfeit goods become cheaper in China with asalani malamala
During 1970-80 the number of items we sold were labeled Made In USA Roadside market. Shoes, Jean pants, shirts, shirts, toys, etc. as seen articles written on one corner of the Made In USA.

* Countries national animal quiz
Good News! India’s tiger population has increased over the past four years, 295. A few years due to illegal prey animal population is declining at the rate at which it seemed that the country is looking after its national animal status samulagum out who should play?

* Space satal proposed successor: 37
Thirty years is a long and prominent career in the NASA space shuttle bhogavya ritayara to go for now ever been. June 1, 2011, called on platyphylla in the Endeavour shuttle back to Earth rotates on its final space shuttle flight after the end of June.

* He breaks up the space as a supernova star Virat size
Take time to imagine about 1,70,000 years ago. Person ‘s actions adipurvaja modern Homo sapiens sapiens on the planet of intelligence to make tools paththaranam kadhangam ladavato was still narrow. Into account the time is now too cold ice age climate in Africa.

* NASA Gravity Probe-B spacecraft (ainastainani in favor of) the final verdict
At Last! Dr. bhedabharamo ukelanara with relativity theory, the universe. It also passed the final examination at the Albert ainastaine.

* Udham Singh jaliyanvalana janasanharano account while paying a British executioner golie daine
It happened once that the June 4, 1940 in London at the Old Bailey Central Criminal Court katheramam a ‘criminal’ in the coop.

* Global vommigani (A) the effect of ocean coastal areas gojhari
Coastal areas are the high sea sponge named rahenarum jeliphisa are embroiled in its discussion of why keep tatpurati deferred.

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