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Safari Gujarati Magazine May-2011 Issue no-204 Free Safari Gujarati Epub, Pdf, Mobi Magazine Download

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Main Topic of Safari Gujarati Magazine May-2011 Issue no-204 Free Safari Gujarati Epub, Pdf, Mobi Magazine Download

* The recent arrival of the latest 3G mobile phones in India What is Technology?

An early explanation of Note: The third generation of the leading 3G mobile phones Technology Technology for its 2G predecessor, although talented than the ‘latest’ I can not be labeled as 3G Technology for at least ten years old.

* Saline land with saline water on the ocean mabalakha crop lanavana revolutionary kimiya

Registani region of Dubai city. Fertile arable land, it has not. I’m not the same as not enough neither whom the river is flowing, but the salt water is not even a natural underground reservoir.

* What is the next target of tsunamis?

Riktara on the scale of earthquake magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 in Japan, the despoliation of the country people still suffered from the effects.

* The silver and silver quiz!

The silver price has just reached the level of the precious metal press rekordasarjaka ‘shiny’ stay. This time the subject of silver chealabatta quiz, information on the most ophabita.

* Began: the white mass marathon tour of Mexico millions monarka

Very rarely does a television news channel that “Breaking News” does not count as news that even if the news: Mexico Spring ngatuni begins from March, 2011, in millions of ngatupravase nikalelam monarka spisisanam patangiyam arriving in America have died crossing the border.
* Devabhasa kahevayeli, although seven of Sanskrit overwhelm devayeli ‘Not ghosts Bvishyti‘ Wonders

Shimoga Karnataka tungabhadra have daseka kilometers on the river called hariyalum Mathur village. Soparinam trees, dangaranam laheratam between the western rainforest region of prosperous farms, as well as other Carnatic chodavelani different feel than the village, walking track on the outskirts arrive matodi

* Accursed Mystical ganayeli phatemari When enabled mariners to its high-bharakhi ‘has

It once happened that November afternoon in 1872, Mary selesta ‘name phatemari langarine was a New York port dock. Some workers were paving the bhandakiyamam alkoholanam cooper age. Alcohol for industrial use because of indastriala.

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