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One Life, One Love by Rochak Bhatnagar Free EBook Epub,Pdf, Mobi Download

Publisher: General Press; 1st ed edition (15 December 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9380914350
ISBN-13: 978-9380914350
Pages : 192

Description  :

One Life, One Love by Rochak Bhatnagar Free EBook Epub,Pdf, Mobi Download

Love, the most intriguing, mystical and vibrant emotion ever experienced by humans. Nevertheless, it is also the most complex and yet to be understood emotion. Ask anyone what love is? And the most common answer you would get is, 'it is a feeling which cannot be completely defined'. Strange but true. An emotion which in the history of mankind has changed destinies and shaped millions of lives is still not fully comprehended. But, if you ask this question to 'Rishi Sinha' the only answer you will get is 'Ananya Tripathi'. Life has completely changed since the day he confessed his love for her. Romantic dates, late night phone calls and never ending SMS's. A 'happy go lucky couple', madly and completely in love. Everything was going on smooth until one day, when Rishi is put into a National Level competition with 'Pragya' his screwed up past and the biggest mistake of his life. He has no choice but to represent his college with Pragya and of course win the title too. Rishi tells Ananya about the competition, who, like a mature girl understands his condition and has no objection in his working with her. But, fate has something else in store for him. Now Rishi is in a dilemma. On one side is 'Ananya', the love of his life and on the other side is 'Pragya', a dying and needy friend. On one side is his most ruined past, while on the other his present, his future. He has to choose between the two. Whom will he choose? 'One Life, One Love' is a tale of 'Love' and 'Friendship' along with some social issues like 'Prostitution', 'Mafia', 'Live in' and 'Gambling' which we talk and read about daily but never realize how intense they are. Will Rishi be able to take the right decision and save his relationship? What has Rishi's fate in store for him? All your answers lie here, in this emotional yet witty tale by Rochak Bhatnagar Caesar Take a plunge

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